Welcome! Thank you for visiting our campaign website.

Every election, at any level, is important. These are also times of great opportunity and we have reasons to be optimistic. Hope is just around the corner if we stay together and are willing to roll up our sleeves and go to work.

I intend to run a strong grassroots effort that reaches out to every voter. I’m also going to continue my efforts as your County Supervisor to make sure we protect the services most needed by our most vulnerable citizens, support our local business owners who provide much needed jobs and protect our neighborhoods so our families are safe in their own homes.

This website will give you much greater detail on these and many other issues. It also gives you the opportunity to volunteer for and contribute to our effort.

We’re looking forward to a vigorous campaign that fully explores the issues and answers any concerns you might have about the future of our great county.

Welcome to our site. We will keep it updated on a regular basis, so please come back as often as you like.

Mike Johnson, Candidate for Maricopa County Supervisor